Insurance Discounts for Key Workers

At Key Worker Insure our aim is to secure the best-priced insurance deal for all key workers.

If you are in the emergency services, armed forces, public and civil service, the NHS or UK R&D sector, then we can help you save money on your car and other insurance products. We are able to discount for factors such as (but not limited to) driving courses, security clearences, rank, rate and role. 

Unlike other insurance providers, Key Worker Insure is run by and for people with a background in the key worker sector. So no other insurance provider understands the skills, the training, the qualifications, and the experience which should be taken into account when your premiums are calculated

  • We offer unmatched insurance discounts which reflect the level of training you have received and your specialist job-related skills. This is especially so where our customers are quoted over £400 for their car insurance. 
  • We can also offer discounts to Commercial Pilots, MOD Staff, MoJ Staff, MPs and many other similar key worker occupations
  • Unlike other providers, we recognise individuals who have been DV’d / CTC and SC Cleared, in fact, its our speciality

"Good to see that there is a company out there giving discounts for people working in the LGA. Thanks". KL - London

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Let us see whether your occupation, skills and training can get you a better deal for your car insurance. Remember to call us on 01277 888 564 if you do have any kind of specialist skills or training.

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